Event Only: $25.00
Event and Camping: $75.00

As noted, this is a bring-your-own-gear event. Tents and camping equipment will not be provided.

VIP Upgrade ($75)

- Tent lot in VIP section with hosts, sponsors, and special guests
- Breakfast with Blackhat
- VIP pass with custom lanyard
- Special Swag-Bag from the sponsors

Judge's Pass ($500) - On Sale April 20th at 4:20pm EST

 Only 6 being sold - The rest were all invite-only.
- Includes 1 Event, Camping, and VIP. Carpool can be added (email us if interested)

- Special Judge passes
- Bag of goodies from the sponsors
- Can judge any 1 event. There are 2 flower, 2 edible, and 2 concentrate passes.